Building up of worn surfaces on Castings Correcting of Machining Errors on Castings Repairing of Broken Castings Welding of Cast Iron to Steel

It is light coated, electrode depositing nickel. Specially designed for welding cast iron the cold way. The nickel weld deposit which bonds thoroughly with the cast iron, does not pick up carbon or any other element from the base metal and remains soft and tough. The weld deposit is machinable and its tensile strength is adequate for cast iron.

AWS E Ni - Cl

Typical Applications

C Mn Si Ni S
2.0 max 0.5 to 1.0 4.0 max 85 min 0.03 max
Diameter (mm) 2.5mm 3.15mm 4mm 5mm
Ampere 45 - 65 70 - 90 100 - 120 140 - 160
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