Building up of worn surfaces on Castings Correcting of Machining Errors on Castings Malleable Iron subject to heavy wear Repairing of Broken Castings Welding and Repairing Cast Iron Parts Welding of Cast Iron to Steel Welding on Nodular Graphite Iron

A medium coated electrode with ferro-nickel core wire specially designed for welding cast iron the cold way. The nickel-iron weld deposit does not pick up carbon from the base metal and hence remains ductile, soft and easily machinable at the same time retaining adequate strength.

AWS E Ni Fe - Cl

Typical Applications

C Mn Si Ni Fe
2.50 max 1.0 max 4.00 max 45 to 60 Balance
Diameter (mm) 2.5mm 3.15mm 4mm 5mm
Ampere 40 - 70 70 - 110 90 - 120 140 - 180
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