SHARP - 7018

Bridges Cranes Earth Moving Equipments Girders Heavy welded fabrications as replacement for Castings High Pressure Piping Penstocks Pressure Vessels Root runs in heavy and restrained joints Sub-Zero Temperatures down to -33° C Tanks Vessels Wobbler ends

It is a heavy coated hydrogen controlled iron powder type electrode giving an extremely smooth arc, medium penetration and least spatter. Easy to operate in all positions. Produces extremely ductile and crack resistant, radiographic quality welds. Easy slag removal. Deposition efficiency is 115% approx.

AWS E 7018
BS E 5144B12024(H)
DIN E 5144B1026
IS EB 5426 H3JX
Tensile Strength 490 N/mm2 min
Yield Strength 400 N/mm2 min
Elongation, (L=5d) 22%
Impact Value, CVN 27 J min at -300C

Typical Applications

C Mn Si P S
0.15 max 1.60 max 0.75 max 0.035 max 0.035 max
Diameter (mm) 2.5mm 3.15mm 4mm 5mm 6.3mm
Ampere 60 - 90 100 - 140 150 - 200 200 - 240 260 - 350
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