SHARP - 7014

Bogies of Railway Carriages and Wagons Building Structures Machine parts Pressure Vessels Shells Ship Building Steel Castings Storage tanks Truck Frames and Bodies Underframes

It is a medium heavy-coated rutile, iron powder type electrode for all position welding of mild steel. Best suited for fast welding and vertical down welding. Gives smooth arc, medium penetration, extremely ductile and radiographic quality welds. Deposition efficiency is approximately 110%.

AWS E 7014
BS E 4322R11011
DIN E 4322RR1115
Tensile Strength 490 N/mm2 min
Yield Strength 3620 N/mm2 min
Elongation, (L=5d) 17% min
Impact Value, CVN 47 J min at 00C

Typical Applications

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